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A Community Service - Non-Profit Organization

April 30, 2005

I appreciate the opportunity to express my feelings and tell you about some of the positive that are happening within Timberon.

I have been a property owner in Timberon since 1975 so I have experienced a lot of the changes that have occurred over the years. Some people say I wish the atmosphere now was like it was back in the beginning. Some people came to just retire, others came to for the weekend to play golf, fish or camp out in the woods. So much of that changed when drought conditions came upon our area. Last summer and this past winter moisture helped relieve those drought conditions for now. Carissa Spring is delivering enough water to allow the fishing lakes by the lodge to be filled. However, cleaning up the area around the lakes will be necessary. We have really missed seeing all of the families enjoying the lakes.

With the drought conditions our trees have suffered diseases and the insects have caused a large number of our trees to die. The Timberon Development Council has been administering a tree thinning project with grant money from the New Mexico Forestry Division. The Timberon Development Council has been sending letters to property owners throughout Timberon for over two years and received responses of approximately 20%. Property owners are concerned about having a safer area around their property and in particular an area of defensible space. We certainly do not want to experience a catastrophic fire in Timberon like other areas within the western part of the United States. Unfortunately, Timberon has been listed as one of twenty communities most at risk in the state of New Mexico for a catastrophic fire. One thing we hear from people who come to Timberon is that we have a beautiful timbered area within Timberon and we are right on the edge of the Lincoln National Forest.

With the completion of the new road into Timberon, many people will be curious about the area just as a lot of new people have already made plans to come to Timberon. Yes, Timberon has a small town atmosphere that many people are seeking. What does Timberon have to offer prospective property owners?

  1. A new road into Timberon.
  2. An airstrip for those who fly.
  3. Nice golf course.
  4. Good Restaurants.
  5. New Businesses.
  6. Coming soon, newly improved & stocked fishing lakes.
  7. Community Lodge with a meeting place, bingo, dances and a swimming pool.

How we grow is very important. The covenants that were written back in the 1970's are not appropriate for today's needs. A committee on covenants has held meetings and it will present a list of suggested changes for the betterment of Timberon.

If you haven't been to Timberon in a while, please plan to come and visit this summer and experience a wonderful, colorful byway into our community. If you have any questions or concerns about Timberon please don&t hesitate to give me a call.

Young and old alike can contribute to the betterment of Timberon so please get involved.